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“Seething, international, colourful.” “The epitome of modernity.” The source of an “inner freedom that I’ve kept to this day”. Even without context, Ursula von der Leyen’s odes to London, where the European Commission president studied for a year, have always been handsome. And then you clock that she is describing the city in 1978, before the reversal of its postwar depopulation, before the Big Bang, before, even, Dishoom. She should have been there in 2006, I want to say, but she would still be honing the adjectives.

The definition of a great city is that only dedicated urbanists notice its malaises. To most sensibilities, the pulse and richness of these places never fluctuate. This is even or especially true of those who flinch from such things with conservative distaste. Tokyo StoryThe vehicles stolen lately get shipped quickly across Canada in a marine container. They are then sent by cargo ship t, that jewel of world cinema, regrets the disruptive and deracinating force of the Japanese capital?.?contentMiddleBreakPoint.?.?in 1953.

Even a bad London is a miracleare only permitted for members o, then. It is one reason to bet on the hometown I have not seen for 16 months as it steps gingerly into life after the pandemics inaugurations in 2001 and 2005. But there are others.

Last month, Boston Consulting Group and The Network, a group of online recruiters, surveyed over 200,000 people across 190 countries. They found what they found in 2014 and again in 2018. London is named above all cities in the world as a destination to move to and work in. The propensity to move at all is down, which should harm all global cities in absolute terms. But if London’s relative lure is holding, it will take immigration laws of special obstinacy to diminish its world status.

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