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According to the Beijing times, the 999 emergency center of the Beijing Red Cross Society launched the 3G video emergency call system on July 22. The system uses 3G digital mobile communication technology and integrates "security", "monitoring", "alerting" and "management" functions. It has developed the "one button call" function of the remote control, especially for the elderly and patients, It plays an indispensable role in alleviating the urgency of empty nest elderly patients

on July 22, the 999 emergency center of Beijing Red Cross Society started the 3G emergency video emergency call system, and the 3G signal has covered all districts and counties of the city. It is understood that when the empty nest elderly encounter physical discomfort, they just need to press the pre placed remote control, and the 3G video monitor will further expand the patient's condition video, home address popularity and other information to the 999 emergency command center, so as to facilitate 999's rapid monitoring and rescue

it is reported that the simulated on-site benefit release of the 3G video emergency call system is not up to expectations: "Hello, 999, do you need an ambulance?" At 8:45 a.m. on July 22, in the command Hall of 999 emergency center, a 3G distress signal suddenly appeared on the computer screen of an operator. After clicking on the emergency video call system, the picture shows that a middle-aged man is standing by the bed, pressing the call remote control, and lying on his back motionless. The bottom left of the screen shows that the man lives in a building in a community on jingshuyuan Road, Haidian District and his home contact

after retrieving the patient information, the dispatcher learned that the man had a history of myocardial infarction, so he immediately transmitted this information to the emergency vehicle on standby in the hospital, and the emergency doctor prepared for rescue and rushed to the patient's home

999 the emergency center said that as the elderly have entered an aging society, there are more and more empty nesters. In the daily emergency treatment process, due to the untimely alarm or unclear address, the delay of rescue time will also increase the contraction rate. This set of 3G video emergency call system uses the most advanced 3G wireless communication network technology and video processing technology, and is specially tailored for people who are bedridden for a long time due to illness, empty nesters and other people to give emergency alarm in critical moments

3g video system to solve the urgent problems of empty nesters

july 11 is the 21st "World Population Day", and this year's theme is "everyone is important". Paying attention to and improving the "old" has become a serious issue in front of us. Since the 21st century, the process of population aging in China has been accelerating, and the social pressure has been increasing. Among them, the number of empty nesters is increasing, and the problems are becoming more and more serious

according to China news, on the evening of July 18 this year, 999 emergency center of Beijing Red Cross Society received a message: the other party just coughed and hung up. Then the patient called again, but never spoke. This situation was highly alerted by 999 dispatcher. In order to ensure the life safety of the patient, 999 dispatcher finally obtained the patient's home address after calling more than a dozen relevant departments, And quickly sent an ambulance to the patient's home. However, no matter how the doctor knocked on the door and called the patient, there was no response. Finally, 999 emergency personnel entered the room with the cooperation of the public security department. At this time, the patient had died at home

in the process of daily first aid, the rescue time was delayed due to the patient's untimely alarm or the patient's serious condition and unable to tell the address, etc., and there were countless examples of patients becoming disabled or losing their precious lives. Recently, in some areas, there have been many cases of empty nester deaths that have been unknown for a long time, which makes people sigh with regret

therefore, the emergence of 3G video call system is very necessary to alleviate the permanent regret of the empty nest elderly due to their failure to receive emergency treatment in time

based on the 3G video system, the emergency center can not only monitor the condition of the empty nest elderly in real time, but also find out the corresponding address and address of the patient when receiving the emergency signal, and can also notify the family members of the condition. All these are intended to ensure that the patient can be found and treated in a timely manner without revealing personal privacy. The 999 emergency center said that the 3G video system adopts high-tech encryption technology. The 999 emergency center can receive video only when the first aid button is pressed, and only paired family members can view it through the network to ensure patient privacy

999 first aid should choose a smaller injection molding machine barrel capacity center as far as possible. It is also pointed out that in addition to the nursing function, the system can also play a great role in residential anti-theft. In case of burglary and other cases, the system can send the real-time video to the family members and save the video to provide evidence for the police to solve the case

3g technology is playing an increasingly important role in our life.

at present, 3G has developed more commercial functions and its position in business applications is rising. Ligang, deputy general manager of China Unicom (5.48,0.05,0.92%), once mentioned that if 2009 is the first year of 3G in China, 2010 will be a year for full commercial use of 3G services. He said that we can enjoy the most dynamic and up-to-date information in real time. We can also search all the information we need by viewing all streaming media services, not only text, but also pictures, videos, music, games and other applications

3g technology is a high-speed wireless communication technology, which can reach the speed of wired broadband. It can be used for mobile, sending and receiving e-mail, downloading music and video, watching network TV, making video calls, etc. 3G technology leads a new information age and will bring new feelings to our life

according to the voice of China, from visiting relatives and friends to new year's greetings via SMS, new technologies are changing our lives. Now, with the full application of 3G technology, a new way of new year's greetings is quietly becoming popular. Moreover, at present, the consumption habits of many ordinary citizens are also changing due to 3G. Consumers can easily consume without cash or credit card. In addition, the 3G video system that has been enabled a few days ago is a great leap in the application of 3G technology. The 3G video system developed based on 3G technology, using the most advanced 3G wireless communication network technology and video processing technology, is specially tailored for emergency alarm in critical moments

with the advance of 3G era, a life revolution characterized by "fashion", "environmental protection and low carbon", "healthy life" and "self-confidence and freedom" is beginning. In the future, 3G technology will play an increasingly important role in people's lives. Communication message

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