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Because of the new packaging, this national beverage brand has encountered big trouble. The colorful large characters in the middle, the big breasted beauty holding coconut milk, the eye-catching slogan of "drink from childhood to big", and the bottle body like a small advertisement of a telegraph pole, people are no strangers to the coconut tree brand coconut milk advertising "hot eyes"

recently, the coconut juice of the coconut tree brand has been on the market. It is reported that the coconut juice of Yeshu brand was replaced with a new package in 2019, and the style of "big breasts and beautiful women" in the past was still continued. The document identified the product as a "breast enhancement artifact", which was questioned as false publicity

is coconut milk really breast enhancement

can it really complete the breast enhancement dream of thousands of women without surgery and filling

coconut group once said in an official document that coconut juice is a natural drink made from coconut meat. The vitamin E contained in coconut juice can maintain the youthful vitality of women, and rich zinc can promote the development of young girls

in addition, the coconut group also quoted the test report of relevant departments that the coconut juice contains vitamins A, B, C, e and β— Carotene has the effects of anti-aging and enhancing resistance

however, it is worth mentioning that the article only mentions "promoting the development of girls", and there is no word related to "breast enhancement". However, in the advertising, coconut group has played a marginal role

"a cup of coconut juice from the coconut tree brand every day is charming, white, tender and plump", many people have been thinking about it when they hear this advertisement. In addition to the new pultrusion and winding technology of carbon fiber composites, the scale of TV advertising of coconut juice is also very bold

in its advertising film, several plump women dressed in cool and exposed clothes hold coconut juice of coconut tree sign, laughing and running on the beach. A food nutrition expert once pointed out that coconut juice, as a common food, relied on the "breast enhancement function" and was suspected of violating regulations

jiangzhuoqin, director of the Department of nutrition, School of public health, Sun Yat sen University, once said in an interview that coconut milk is not a health product and has no function. Many friends directly raised questions based on their own experience:

they have repeatedly played the "edge ball"

in fact, coconut tree group has developed from a state-owned cannery into a beverage enterprise whose products are exported at home and abroad. In the process of its expansion, advertising has been criticized by consumers for many years

not only was its positioning as a "state banquet beverage" questioned by customers, but also in 2009, the local industry and commerce department ordered it to stop immediately and impose a fine of 1000 because the advertising words "wife likes husband to drink coconut pomegranate juice" and "papaya plump I plump" were printed on the bus in Haikou City

in 2008, coconut tree group was also listed as a "typical case of cracking down on counterfeits and safeguarding rights" by Jilin Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in that year because it was suspected of deceptive bonus sales

however, coconut tree group insists on its style and "does not change its original mind", but still makes it "white, tender and curvaceous". Over the years, it has entered thousands of households' TV sets and printed in people's minds

coconut once responded in an interview that 'white, tender and plump' is our advertising term. We read from a newspaper in Hong Kong in 1997 that coconut milk helps women to be plump. The leader thought this could be used as a point of advertising, so he quoted it for publicity

over the years, the packaging box of coconut juice of coconut tree brand has changed to "year", the same is "big chest", and the slogan of constantly challenging the bottom line. "Wiping the breast with coconut milk and drinking more coconut milk every day can make the breast plump," she often appears with big breasts

there is no breast enhancement function, but the product publicity is implied as a "breast enhancement artifact", and the words "drinking from childhood to childhood" are written on the position of the large breast beauty in the package. Is there any false publicity involved

the anti unfair competition law clearly stipulates that business operators shall not make false or misleading commercial publicity on the performance, function, quality, sales status, user evaluation and honors of their goods, so as to deceive and mislead consumers

once the apparent density, contraction strength, thermal insulation performance, zigzag fracture force, combustion performance and other items of the product are inspected and false publicity is involved, according to Article 20 of the anti unfair competition law, the operator violates the provisions of this law to make false or misleading commercial publicity for its goods, or helps other operators to make false or misleading commercial publicity by organizing false transactions, The supervision and inspection department shall order it to stop the illegal act and impose a fine of not less than 200000 yuan but not more than onemillion yuan; If the circumstances are serious, a fine of not less than onemillion but not more than twomillion yuan shall be imposed, and the business license may be revoked, "said yerazunis

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