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How to buy satisfactory printing equipment at the exhibition (I)

is there an exhibition waiting for you to attend now? Although the economic situation mainly depends on its development direction, you may still be considering buying a suitable printing equipment or upgrading your original production system to attract more consumers' attention. How can we find the most valuable purchasing information at an open day event or trade show held by a manufacturer

from understanding new products to participating in valuable seminars and workshops to establishing close ties with various suppliers and equipment manufacturers, not to mention the valuable opportunities to meet with classmates and colleagues you haven't seen for a long time. Industry exhibitions can bring you everything you want

however, when you really want to purchase at the exhibition, comparing the price and function of each device requires an effective way to evaluate each supplier. Generally speaking, price and value will play an important role in people's purchase decisions, but for me, I prefer to entrust my business to professional companies that I like and trust. Trade shows can let you see the leading enterprises in the industry and their fist products

but we all know that most enterprises will show their best to the audience at the exhibition. Therefore, how can you see the essence of these enterprises through the phenomenon and find the most suitable long-term partner

when you next participate in the exhibition or open day activities, why not change your previous visiting habits (visit every corner of each exhibition hall) and focus on the targeted evaluation of all exhibitors? Through the following methods, you may have a deeper understanding of exhibitors and determine whether you can cooperate with them

visit the supplier's booth

suppose you have decided to attend a trade exhibition, what do you want to see at this exhibition? How many enterprises will attend this exhibition that interests you very much? For the visitors of an exhibition, making a plan in advance is an important factor to ensure their success in the process of attending the exhibition

first of all, we need to make an exhibition schedule of medical devices and equipment that have been used to detect infant hearing and have undergone excessive material transformation, including the questions you want to ask, the products you want to see or understand (familiar or unfamiliar), the contacts you want to see, and the business partnership you want to end or expand

if you represent a company, you also need to list your terms of reference and product procurement budget. Research shows that five out of six visitors will make a purchase decision or desire to buy at the exhibition

then, how much time should you spend visiting an exhibition? Or how many booths should you visit? The exhibition organization has spent several years studying the behavior habits of visitors and exhibitors. The results show that each visit will visit about 17 to 26 booths in an exhibition, and the time they spend on each booth is about 13 to 21 minutes

as for which booth the visitors will go to and the time they stay at the booth, it depends on the performance of the exhibitors. If you want to sign up for an exhibition, you should input your name, company name, position and address into a database that can be seen by exhibitors in advance. Please note that you should consider the following issues when evaluating potential suppliers and give corresponding scores according to their performance

before you leave for the exhibition, did the exhibitors send pre exhibition emails or encourage you to visit their booth, invite you to their activities, or tell you what new products they will launch at the exhibition.? (if yes, give 7 points)

did the equipment manufacturer inform you that they are preparing to participate in the exhibition and provide you with a free exhibition hall pass? (if yes, give 4 points)

when you arrive at the exhibition hall, is it easy to find their booth? (if yes, give 1 point)

is this visitor's booth close to other exhibitors selling similar products and services, so that visitors can compare various options? (if yes, give 2 points)

are the staff on the booth enthusiastic and complete? (if yes, give 2 points)

can the company let ordinary audiences see their business characteristics at a glance, such as what products they produce or sell, what businesses they engage in, and what benefits they can provide to customers? (if yes, give 3 points)

whether their booth is clean and tidy, with a certain visual impact (whether it has fresh patterns or logos and bright colors)? (if it is 7, professional control software provides a variety of practical functions such as statistical analysis of group samples, superposition analysis of experimental curves, and comparison with historical data;, give 1 point)

if according to the above scoring criteria, many equipment manufacturers can easily get 20 points. However, research shows that only 17% of the devices will send pre exhibition emails to the audience. Many enterprises will not send free exhibition hall passes to customers, although exhibition management companies will issue a certain number of passes to them

unfortunately, some exhibitors tend to choose a more remote location in order to save rent. They may use some new things to make up for the disadvantage of the exhibition location, but in most cases, this way will give people a very chaotic feeling

this situation is common in exhibitions, but interestingly, some exhibitors often complain: Hey, the scale of this exhibition has shrunk again, or we always can't meet high-quality printing buyers

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