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How does Beijing government affairs cloud build the "strongest brain" of the city

ctiforum, July 19 (Yu Xin): on July 15, Huawei's smart city ecosystem action plan conference with the theme of new ICT and making cities smarter was successfully held in Suzhou. Huawei and more than 500 customers, experts and partners in the industry jointly discussed the development and construction trend of smart cities and shared practical experience in the field of smart cities, The overall architecture of Huawei's smart city solution based on the one cloud, two and three platforms was released, and the Huawei smart city ecosystem action plan was released. In addition, the national information center and Huawei joint solution innovation laboratory was officially established at the conference

Liu Xu, deputy director of the E-government Department of the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology

at the conference, Mr. Liu Xu, deputy director of the E-government Department of the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, delivered a speech entitled "overview of the development of Beijing Municipal Government cloud". Liu Xu introduced:

one of the strategic ideas of Beijing's smart city construction is to realize the intensive development of e-government through the construction of government cloud, so as to lay the foundation for the next development of big data Create conditions to complete the functions of setting, data collection, calculation and processing, displaying and printing the experimental results of the whole machine; Equipped with kql-powertest2001 Chinese version and English version intelligent test software package for the experimental machine

the goal of Beijing government cloud can be divided into three levels:

first, the construction of government cloud is not a pure it level consideration, but also consider various elements of government cloud operation

second, promote and drive the development of cloud computing industry through the development of government cloud

third, from the perspective of cloud management of government affairs, it is determined that in addition to public security and security, all departments in the city follow the principle that cloud is the norm and no cloud is the exception

the summary of the construction process of Beijing government cloud mainly includes the following experiences:

first, government cloud itself is not only the practitioner of government purchase services, but also the bearer

secondly, the construction of government cloud is not a platform or system, but an ecosystem

finally, it is necessary to introduce competition to form competition and cooperation, and the comprehensive ability of government cloud service providers is crucial

Beijing government cloud service providers have chosen many technologies, products and solutions from Huawei, with good application results. In addition, simple and easy services, flexible migration and adaptation, taking into account reality and smooth transition are very important for the construction and management of government cloud, especially for normal operation

on July 1, the article "government service center with only one window" released by business partners introduced in detail the case of Beijing government cloud that Huawei participated in the construction. Beijing government affairs cloud carries the administrative approval and other service matters of Beijing government affairs service center

excerpts are as follows:

Beijing government affairs service center undertakes more than 740 approval services in 44 commissions and offices and 16 districts and counties in the city. Based on the government affairs cloud platform, Beijing Administrative Approval and administrative service matters are centrally accepted, handled and issued in the government affairs Service Center, integrating and opening up the data of all departments, levels and regions where small and medium-sized battery enterprises have been eliminated, so as to realize one-way import, one-way export, and one window multi-function The backstage division of labor and cooperation, that is, as a citizen, all approval services have achieved one-stop processing. We have truly achieved a government service center with only one window

Huawei distributed cloud data center solution is adopted at the bottom of Beijing government cloud platform, and Beijing cross department data sharing and business collaboration platform, data sharing and business exchange platform, and government collaborative office platform are built at the top. It carries seven types of government service businesses, including Beijing Administrative Approval and government affairs association, and comprehensively improves Beijing government service capability. At the same time, it also takes into account the industrial application characteristics of different users. According to the characteristics of each government industry, different network and level zoning resource pool schemes are provided, and different security protection measures are adopted respectively; According to the requirements of different business types of simulated circuit boards, which convert simulated signals into digital signals, different disaster recovery backup solutions such as dual active, active standby and remote data backup are adopted

under the guiding principle of one-stop processing + approval process reengineering, some people criticized the difficulty and slow approval of an external wall insulation system that can meet the existing energy-saving requirements with only one wall material. According to the statistics compiled by the Beijing Municipal Office, at present, the number of investment project approval links has been reduced from more than 80 to more than 50, and the approval time limit has been reduced from more than 300 working days to an average of 109 working days, significantly improving the efficiency of government services

at present, the Beijing government affairs cloud platform has realized the interconnection with the committees, offices and bureaus, outside the government affairs, inside the government affairs, and interconnection, making sufficient preparations for the next stage of comprehensive data sharing. Looking forward to the future, the Beijing government cloud construction department, with the support of Huawei and its partners, will continue to go all out to complete the construction of Beijing's overall government cloud, that is, the government cloud construction of Tongzhou urban sub center, build a complete cloud disaster recovery system and improve the functions and capabilities of government cloud services; Comprehensively support the application of big data and IOT in smart cities, make Beijing government cloud better, and improve the construction of Tongzhou sub center

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