How to build brand awareness

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How to establish brand awareness

for large household brands, awareness is never a problem. However, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those regional brands, if they want to seek a larger market, the first thing they face is how to improve brand awareness. Consumers haven't heard of your brand, so they can't make a choice when facing it. The customary way is to choose those familiar brands, which is a very natural sense of protection. Consumers will consider you when choosing only when they know your brand

the significance of establishing brand awareness is self-evident. Today's enterprises' understanding of establishing brand awareness has long been divorced from the idea of advertising in TV stations, but in actual operation, many enterprises still take a lot of detours because they do not understand the basic laws of establishing brand awareness, spend a lot of money wrongly, but have little effect, and consumers finally do not remember your name

we are here to raise the issue of building brand awareness separately. First, we need to face two major challenges from within the industry. The first is the challenge of the so-called brand experts. In the textbook of brand experts, brand building is a systematic project. It is impossible to separate brand awareness, but we should fully consider other elements of the brand: brand reputation, brand loyalty, etc. But first of all, you need to understand that when consumers don't know who you are and what you can do, how can there be problems of brand reputation, loyalty and brand association? Another objection is that popularity does not help sales. Just knowing your name doesn't necessarily mean that a consumer will make a purchase, but the problem is that if he doesn't even know your name, he won't make a decision to buy your product, because buying means risk

as a latecomer, when you just enter the new market, the first thing you face is popularity. You need to tell others loudly who you are and what you do. Therefore, in the period of establishing brand awareness, don't expect too much, don't want to say everything. Remember, there is only one task for you. Let others remember you, and we will talk about other things later

misunderstandings in establishing brand awareness:

first, too much

the first time I advertised in the media, I wanted to say everything, but the result was that I didn't say anything, and consumers didn't listen to anything

second, say too little

when you appear in the media for the first time, it's like when you meet a new friend. In order to make others remember you, you need to hand over your business card, introduce yourself, and even let friends help introduce you. Finally, you have to emphasize it again to others to strengthen others' memory. However, according to the conventional advertising practice, only the product name and enterprise logo appear in the standard board, and the result is that consumers have watched it for a long time, I didn't see the name of your product. Naturally, you come and go silently

third, it's too wonderful to say

wonderful stories are naturally attractive, but advertising is not telling stories, especially for products that have just appeared. If the story is too wonderful, consumers may not remember the story, but the product will be ignored. Recently, I saw a brand that just advertised and shot three sensational advertisements at one go. The problem is not whether sensational advertisements are good or not, but whether they are right or not. People are familiar with a brand whose functions are already familiar. The purpose of sensational advertising is to further narrow the distance with the target audience through emotional appeals, so as to establish emotional separation. However, as a new product, you will easily ignore the product itself if you follow the emotional line

IV. Taiping

outstanding things will always attract other people's attention. Beautiful women on the street must turn back more than old women. If your advertisement is too popular in creativity, it is difficult to jump out of many advertisements. Others have complained about it hundreds of times in the same way. Do you want to repeat it again when the conference will publish a collection of papers or CDs? The Convention of the same industry is emotional appeal. Do you also come to emotional appeal? Do you shout when others sell

an advertisement that makes a brand famous, how to say it well, how to say it well, and how to say it quaint, so that others can remember, should follow the following rules:

first, simply

you must make it clear that your current task is to establish popularity, and tell others who you are and what you do, which is enough, that is to say, the first thing to solve is to be familiar with your face, and don't expect to express too much in the advertisement, Let consumers remember how many production lines and technological processes you have. These are future problems. Your first task now is to shout out loudly - I'm coming

second, direct

try to avoid detours, and all creativity revolves around products. When Starwood came into the market, it cleverly relied on Starwood's homophonic "four uncles". Although it was a little vulgar and teasing, it directly highlighted the brand name. The whole idea was centered on the name. Do you think consumers can't remember this four uncles. The same example is qingzui buccal tablets, "do you want to know the taste of kissing? Where do you want to go? I said qingzui buccal tablets..."

Third, surprising

if you want others to remember you, you should move your mind to make yourself different. American family life insurance company (Aflac) initially advertised for more than a decade, but few people remembered this company until they used the duck's "quack! Quack!" Sound as creative as far as possible. It's really crazy. When you read Aflac out loud, it sounds like a duck barking, so they boldly introduce the quack of a duck into their creativity. When others are talking, there will always be a duck quacking beside them. This crazy, childish and unconventional advertisement in the eyes of ordinary people actually achieved great success: within six days of the advertisement, the number of visits to Aflac station was more than the total number of the previous year, and the total sales increased by 55%. 91% of Americans knew Aflac. What's more interesting is that one third of them didn't say Aflac, but shouted it like a duck. Not only that, Aflac duck actually became a popular image, Everyone always yells Aflac from time to time, which is equivalent to a free advertisement worth tens of thousands of yuan

naturally, all this is closely related to the decision-making level of Aflac. Check whether the nixie tube voltage is normal? The maintenance method can refer to the section 1 of digital tube maintenance in Chapter 1, because he knows that what he needs now is popularity. No matter what method is adopted, as long as others can know the name of his company, it is precisely because of their reason that creative people are bold

if others use beautiful women, try to use bald men. When others say it, try to sing it. The most illogical is the most logical advertising, which is in line with the overload protection of advertising communication: when the load reaches 110% of the pneumatic sensor, the logic

IV. products are the protagonists

advertisements should not ignore products for creativity, especially for the first appearance. They should fully display the products and take the products as the protagonists of the whole creativity. Of course, this is not like some advertisements, which just let the products fly around on the screen, but cleverly display them

v. memory points

people are most likely to be attracted and moved by details. In people's minds, some chapter breaking plots often emerge. Maybe you have forgotten the specific content of a movie, but you remember a plot inside as fresh as new, such as the plot of brother pony biting a firewood stalk in Heroes, which many people never forget. "This is the memory point.". After an advertisement is broadcast, you must have a detail, picture or language for consumers to remember. The farmer orchard's "shake before drinking" is a very good example of memory points

six, say the product name twice more

people need to remind and remember. When dealing with others for the first time, in order to let others remember you, you need to shout your name twice more. Remember that in a 30 second or 15 second advertisement, it is definitely a mistake to only appear the brand name once. You must shout twice more before consumers can hear it. Don't be afraid of repetition, rather more than less

the above-mentioned law of establishing brand awareness can only help you make fewer or fewer mistakes. To truly build a brand, it ultimately depends on the explosion of creativity. (end)

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