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Insurance financing: how to buy insurance under the expectation of interest rate increase

with the stock market all the way hot, rumors of the central bank raising interest rates are also everywhere. For the entire capital market, the central bank's interest rate hike can be described as "one hair and the whole body". So, how much impact does the interest rate hike have on insurance? As the central bank raises interest rates more and more, for the insurance industry, raising interest rates is no longer a new thing. On March 17 this year, the central bank raised interest rates for the fifth time since October 2004. What is the impact of the central bank's increase in deposit and loan interest rates on the insurance industry? Wu Dingfu, chairman of the CIRC, said in response to a question that it must have an impact

Professor haoyansu, a famous insurance expert, said that it was reasonable for the central bank to raise interest rates this time, mainly to curb economic overheating. For insurance products, medium and short-term savings products will be under great pressure. If there is no interest rate linkage mechanism, they may encounter diversion, because the interest rate adjustment of insurance products is always lagging behind. However, long-term products will be less affected by the four reaction temperatures, because long-term products are not sensitive to the adjustment of interest rates. At present, interest rates are increased, and interest rates may be reduced in the future

Professor wangxujin, Dean of the Department of insurance at Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, said that the increase in the deposit and loan interest rate of the central bank is a "double-edged sword" for insurance. From the perspective of investment, the income of insurance companies from large deposits in banks will increase; The savings insurance products sold in the market will be impacted, and consumers' willingness to buy will be reduced

according to what we have learned, some insurance companies have begun to study the Countermeasures after the interest rate increase, revise and develop insurance products, adjust investment strategies, increase the liquidity of the investment portfolio, prevent liquidity risks, and deal with the possible changes after the interest rate increase in a timely manner

three ways to buy insurance under the expectation of raising interest rate

one way to buy a guarantee product

guarantee function generally speaking, no matter what type of experimental machine is insurance, the most essential feature of slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of the product, which is put in the first place in life insurance marketing at any time. Therefore, whether the interest rate is increased or not, the customer's demand for security is unchanged. Especially when raising interest rates may affect the actual income of fixed income life insurance products, the stability of guarantee products is even more valuable. Therefore, generally speaking, for customers whose main demand is security, how to buy security products is how to buy

Zhou Rong, chief financial planning manager of Everbright Yongming insurance, said that people who really have security needs don't need to wait, because the biggest impact of interest rate hikes on security products is only savings based security products. When consumers buy, they can choose products linked to floating interest rates, and they don't have to wait for the interest rate hike to buy, otherwise, the older they are, the worse it will be for customers

trick 2: use dividend insurance to avoid risks

at present, the vast majority of life insurance products sold on the market are dividend type. Because some of the funds of dividend products are invested in bank deposits, their income is linked to interest rates. The relationship between dividend products and interest rate hikes is a rising tide. The interest rate increase means that the income available to insurance companies for dividends will also increase, which will increase the income of policyholders accordingly. Therefore, under the expectation of interest rate increase, the policyholder can avoid the impact of interest rate increase by purchasing dividend insurance

Lijihong, a planner of AIA Beijing Branch, said that the income brought by the interest rate hike to the dividend insurance can enable the policyholder to obtain the corresponding return, so the interest rate hike should be good news for the dividend insurance. If the customer puts the pension money in the bank, it may be spent, and putting it in the insurance account is equivalent to compulsory savings, which will not be used casually

trick 3 consider buying investment linked insurance

at present, the sales momentum of investment linked insurance products under many insurance companies is very good. The interest rate hike is good news for conservative accounts and robust accounts in investment linked insurance, which can increase the income and stable landing rate of the account. Conservative accounts can achieve stable interest income on the basis of ensuring the safety and liquidity of principal

the impact of interest rate hikes on aggressive accounts is relatively complex, mainly depending on the types of funds purchased by insurance companies and investment channels, because interest rate hikes will have different effects on the performance of various industries and companies in the stock market. But at present, the stock market is in a process of shock, with considerable foam elements. When the overall level of the stock market falls, this account will not be spared, but the decline is much smaller than the stock market. Therefore, under the expectation of interest rate increase, customers with certain risk tolerance can consider purchasing investment linked insurance products

how should consumers buy insurance in the near future

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