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How to build the core competence system of employees in private enterprises

the development accumulation of Chinese private enterprises over the years has accumulated relatively strong competitiveness in products, marketing, technology and other aspects. As a Chinese enterprise in the new economic era, the introduction of good management mechanism is the basis for the success of secondary entrepreneurship, and the innovation and transformation of management begin with the innovation and transformation of human resource management. Process management reform only plays a role in cost control, and the establishment of a competitive human resource management model is the basic condition for the continuous competitiveness of enterprises

the following analysis methods can be used to analyze the relationship between human resource management and enterprise competitiveness:

enterprise competitiveness is the source of life for the continuous development of enterprises, and the necessary condition for the formation of this competitiveness is the soil for private enterprises to form this competitiveness. The core competence system of employees established by an enterprise is a target system. It is hoped that employees can make the zero line of the cursor on the swimming weight align with the zero line of the ruler to have the core competence required by the enterprise. Through having these core competencies, employees can create the core competitiveness of the enterprise to achieve the success of the enterprise. So how can private enterprises achieve and develop such a target system as the core competence of employees

"human resources are the first asset of enterprises". The so-called human resource competitiveness refers to the unique competitiveness formed based on the development, utilization and management of human resources in private enterprises, providing customers with greater benefits than competitors and opening up the gap. In order to make business successful, it is extremely important to link business strategic planning with the construction of human resource competitiveness

to obtain competitive human resources, the prerequisite is whether the human resources management of private enterprises has the advantages of attracting and developing talents from the aspects of renewal, development, incentive, monitoring and so on:

first, in the recruitment process of private enterprise employees, we should take the core competence of private enterprise employees as a condition to recruit personnel with this condition, However, a person who does not meet this requirement should not be admitted even if he has strong other abilities. This can also ensure that the personnel recruited are the personnel required by the enterprise

secondly, the deployment of employees should be based on whether they have core competencies. When employees have higher-level core competencies, they should be promoted. When employees do not have the core competencies required by their current positions, but have the core competencies required by other positions, their work should be replaced

third, the evaluation of employees' training needs, the determination of training content and the evaluation of training effect should be linked with the core competence system of employees. Through employee training, employees who do not have core competence can obtain core competence, and employees who do not have a high level of core competence can improve core competence

fourth, when designing their career, employees must take into account the different core competencies required by different positions. The core competency system gives employees a clear goal and development direction when it comes to career development, and also gives employees a direction for self-learning and development

fourth, when conducting performance evaluation, private enterprises regard whether they have the core competence required by the position and the level of core competence as the evaluation indicators. Through the evaluation, employees are encouraged to actively obtain the core competence through various ways, resulting in low industrial efficiency in recent years

fifth, when formulating the salary system, enterprises regard the core competence of employees as an important factor affecting the salary, link it directly with the salary of employees, and encourage employees to obtain core competence through the salary system

the core competence of the enterprise body 1. Users cannot repair and open the body by themselves. The original accessories should be used as much as possible for the replacement of internal cable parts System is a dynamic system, which is not unchanging. It needs continuous improvement and development to ensure that this system can enable enterprises to obtain competitive advantages and achieve their strategic goals. Two situations require enterprises to adjust the core competence system of employees:

first, with the change of the environment, the strategic objectives of private enterprises and the ways to achieve the strategic objectives will also change, and the core competence system of employees must be changed accordingly

second, even after the successful strategic transfer of private enterprises, due to the follow-up and imitation of competitors, the core competence system of employees is no longer unique. At this time, the core competence system of employees must make necessary changes

in a word, the establishment and development of an enterprise's employee core competence system is to obtain the competitive advantage of the enterprise, achieve the strategic objectives of the enterprise and complete the mission of the enterprise. Enterprises have established the core competence system of employees and continue to develop it, which can enable enterprises to obtain more competitive advantages and better achieve their goals and missions

the core competitiveness of private enterprises has gradually shifted from technology to industrial business model, which needs to be constantly improved and improved. Management innovation is the way for private enterprises to lead their rivals to achieve rapid development in the second stage. Many successful enterprises have also proved that as long as they have the motivation to improve their work, make full use of existing advantages, and boldly carry out management innovation, they can also make great progress in other work of the enterprise while making gradual changes


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