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Pantryman helps Auman integrate manufacturing data

1 Project requirements

Beijing Auman heavy duty truck factory of BAIC Foton Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Auman heavy duty truck factory) is a production and operation business division subordinate to BAIC Foton Automobile Co., Ltd., and its main products are three truck series: medium-sized platform, medium-sized and heavy-duty platform. Auman heavy duty truck factory is an automobile assembly factory centered on assembly. Most parts are purchased and produced in association except for the stamping workshop. Therefore, how to ensure that the parts to be assembled on the assembly line are delivered to each station in time and accurately and assembled correctly on the vehicle body is the overall demand of Auman heavy duty truck factory, and the core of the problem is the accuracy and consistency of the process schedule information

therefore, it is necessary to provide the conversion from design details to process details based on the database, so as to realize the structural management of the process route and production details (riveting, assembly and welding, final assembly, feeding, and many local governments regard the lithium battery industry as the development focus), so as to build a unified process data sharing platform suitable for the characteristics of vehicle assembly, and provide basic data for subsequent system development and application

2. System overview

from February to September 2005, Auman heavy duty truck factory cooperated with Huatian software to implement the "manufacturing data management system for assembly enterprises - P4, put 1 slide on the stage antryman system". Pantryman system is a centralized database management system that integrates process information such as product design structure, product manufacturing structure, process route, assembly parts list, station feeding card, etc. it combines the actual situation of the enterprise and grasps the two main lines of logistics and information flow. On the enterprise platform, business personnel access the database server through their own terminal computers to work, And follow the specified business management process to access and maintain the product process information stored in the database server

pantryman system realizes the configuration management of products through the description of product design structure and manufacturing structure; Through the project set in the process of product process design, manage the project, establish project management files, divide the production preparation and production stages of the products and parts involved in the project, and be able to output the process documents and documents related to the project products. Such as product process schedule, product process change notice, route division table and other documents

The pantryman system is composed of functional modules such as product structure, standard process, project management, document management, process route, process file, data query and platform management

3. Implementation benefits

through the implementation of pantryman system, Auman heavy truck factory has established a complete computer system for process information collection, information processing and information analysis; Realize the high sharing of process information resources, ensure the integrity, accuracy, safety and reliability of data, and complete the interface with product details; Form the product analysis grouping specification according to the assembly characteristics, so that the assembly operation can be accurately controlled; Reduce the workload of process preparation and modification of process personnel, significantly improve the work efficiency of process preparation, and shorten the preparation cycle of process data documents

the specific quantifiable benefits are as follows:

reduce the downtime caused by inaccurate process schedule by 0.5 hours/week

the accuracy of the process schedule is 98%

the feeding accuracy reaches 95%

reduce office expenses by 500 yuan/month

improve the generation efficiency of process details by 90%

improve the query efficiency of process details by 50%

improve the generation efficiency of purchased parts/outsourced parts/self-made parts details by 50%

improve the efficiency of process details change by 10%

4. Summary

the process details in the pantryman system of Auman heavy duty truck factory are the key basic data throughout the whole enterprise, involving design, process, production, procurement, property management, cost, sales plan, parts procurement and the work of many departments. From the perspective of manufacturing informatization, it fully conforms to the idea of PLM (product lifecycle management), yes "It's like a series of failed information postponement of the combined PDM system, which is a powerful solution for the whole PLM system in the links of process, manufacturing, purchasing and shopping management.

the implementation of the pantryman system project is an improvement and supplement to the comprehensive PLM solution of Huatian software, and provides a typical application case of the integration and transformation from design list to manufacturing list - product list to process list. At the same time, the implementation of pantryman system has Cheng is also the process of improving the management of Auman heavy truck factory. Through the system implementation, the management procedures are straightened out, and the technicians and managers are trained, which improves the quality of personnel, meets the needs of development, and ensures the normal and orderly production. (end)

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