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In the battle between paper and plastic, paper packaging will eventually win

paper packaging and plastic packaging have always been regarded as the "two bullies" in the packaging industry. In developed countries, the dispute between paper and plastic is relatively stable, national policies and regulations are relatively clear, and the division of labor between paper and plastic is relatively scientific and reasonable

why is the dispute over paper and plastic so fierce in China? Guoyongxin, a paper industry expert, told that the main reason was that the relevant national policies and regulations had not been issued, the government was lax in the management of packaging pollution, and the division of labor between paper and plastic was very


the "white ban" campaign in the national paper and plastic debate in the 1990s ended in "white ban". In this "white ban" struggle, paper packaging suffered heavy losses. However, the battle between paper and plastic will be long-term and complex. In the future, with the introduction of national policies and regulations, the overall situation will be beneficial to paper packaging

today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people have higher and higher requirements for packaging. Packaging with recycled materials as raw materials is increasingly popular. According to a market survey conducted by the American recycled cardboard alliance, more than half of consumers value enterprises whose products are packaged with recycled cardboard. In the same case, they are also more willing to buy household consumer goods packaged with paper. Consumers hope that more paper packaging can use recycled cardboard, and more packaging can be marked with the symbol of "100% recycling". Consumers have a high evaluation of enterprises that use 100% recycled cardboard and think that enterprises that use recycled cardboard have a sense of environmental protection

guoyongxin said that food is a major player in the packaging industry, and food packaging waste has a great impact on the environment. Therefore, solving the problem of food packaging waste is a major problem in the packaging industry, and the development of edible packaging materials is a good way to solve the contradiction between food packaging waste and environmental protection. Developing edible packaging is a new way. Its goal is to make a kind of packaging film that does not affect the flavor of the packaged food. This film is edible. For example, a company in Queensland, Australia, made an edible potato chip packaging. People can eat the packaging after eating potato chips without causing waste. New chemical materials are a strategic emerging industry that the state focuses on developing. Japan has developed edible packaging paper made of deacetylated chitosan refined from shell substances. This kind of fast food noodles seasoning packaged with edible wrapping paper can be directly cooked in hot pot. Using edible packaging is not only convenient for consumers, but also avoids packaging waste polluting the environment, which is worthy of further promotion

Qian Jin, Secretary General of China Packaging Federation, told that with the rapid development of packaging technology, edible packaging is an important development direction of modern food packaging. This kind of packaging has important environmental protection and economic value

at present, there are two kinds of edible paper abroad: one is based on vegetables. The original address of our company: No. 20, Xinsha North Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan City. The vegetables are beaten and dried after forming a special development plan; The other is to gelatinize starch and sugar, add other food additives, and take a method similar to the papermaking process. From the perspective of application and development prospects, green products with vegetables as raw materials have more development potential

considering the huge potential of the market, countries are actively carrying out research on vegetable paper and its products. Edible packaging paper is a research hotspot not only in Japan, but also in the world. Its products are mainly used for United Nations Disaster Relief and U.S. military operations; It can also be used in many fields, such as convenient snack food, edible packaging and so on

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