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Paper cans inject new vitality into the packaging industry

paper cans can be used for the packaging of food, chemical products, paint, drugs and other products, with less investment. The paper can production line is about 2million yuan, and the economic batch is more than 20000. It is a packaging container with great development prospects, and paper cans are a product with broad development prospects. With the gradual maturity of technology, it will replace the current popular aluminum cans. At present, the annual consumption of aluminum cans in China is 6-7 billion, and the required raw materials are basically imported, which is expensive, and the aluminum cans production line needs at least 17million yuan. After the investment into electricity is obtained, it often needs to be amplified. The cost is high, and the economic batch is 20million. The development and utilization of low odor automotive interior materials has become the utilization trend of automotive materials. If the paper cans can be successfully developed, It will undoubtedly inject new vitality into China's packaging industry

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