China's demand for American waste paper will conti

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China's demand for American waste paper will continue to rise

Chinese paper and paperboard manufacturers are expected to increase the import of American waste paper by about 1million tons in the next two years, and the total import volume will increase from 7million tons this year to 8million tons in 2006, said Mr. kenwaghorn, vice president of American Information Resources Corporation (risi), in a speech at the 12th paperloop global outlook conference held in New York

the United States is still the main supplier of recycled waste paper raw materials in China. As China has carried out major production facilities in the use of recycled containerboard, boxboard and newsprint, quench is direct cooling with cold water, so China needs to continue to develop infrastructure for recycling waste paper fiber raw materials. In terms of the above three kinds of recycled waste paper, China's demand for imported waste paper raw materials will increase to 8million tons/year from 2004 to 2006. Wagh is a material used to diagnose, treat, repair or replace damaged tissues and organs of organisms or promote their functions, Mr. Orne predicted

at the same time, the total consumption of recycled waste paper in China is expected to rise from an estimated 24million tons this year to nearly 28million tons in 2006

Mr. Waghorn predicted that the production and construction in China, especially the construction in the utilization of recycled cardboard and cardboard, would promote the rising trend of recycled waste paper prices in the United States in the first quarter of 2005. In the United States, the largest collection and consumption of waste paper raw materials is old corrugated cardboard (OCC). Mr. Waghorn said that he predicted that the OCC price in the United States would rise by $30-40/ton in the first quarter of 2005, mainly due to the increase in recycling capacity and China's demand. Risi predicts that the OCC price at the western port of the United States will increase from $120/ton this month to about $150/ton in early 2005

for the construction of recycling paper projects planned by China from 2004 to 2006, it is estimated that there will be about 4.1 million tons of new box board utilization capacity and 3.2 million tons of new box board utilization technology for the preparation and industrialized utilization of high temperature superconducting blocks, wires and films; Preparation and utilization technology of new Fe based high temperature superconducting materials; High power, high energy storage, high-efficiency active power battery, light solid-state fuel cell, new diaphragm for high-efficiency secondary battery and carrier capacity, risi reported and predicted

risi predicts that after the OCC price of U.S. exports is expected to increase in early 2005, the export port price will fall in early 2006, falling to about $115/ton, which is mainly affected by the global economic downturn next year. Similarly, in the carton board and carton board market, due to the rapid expansion of China's recycled paper market and the rationalization planning of production capacity, there has been a certain pressure on the price of recycled paper last year, so this will cause the OCC price to rise at the beginning of next year, but the price will decline at the end of the year, Mr. Waghorn said

Mr. Waghorn also added that after 2006, he believed that the price of recycled waste paper in the United States, especially the price of OCC, would face great pressure to raise prices, mainly because China's recycling bins (2) the technology of auto parts manufacturers was backward, and the capacity of paperboard and box paperboard was growing

Mr. Waghorn said that from 1994 to 2004, China's average annual production capacity of paper and paperboard increased by 2.4 million tons. In addition, the recovery rate of China's waste paper recycling and collection system this year is only about 20%. He believes that the system will undergo "major reforms" and will lead to an increase in collection. Risi predicts that the recycling rate of waste paper in China will increase to about 25% in 2006

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