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Panoramic motp establishes strong security protection for VDI virtualization solutions

after importing VDI desktop virtualization applications, people's lives have indeed changed a lot. Are you worried about the security of internal data? The two factor identity authentication mechanism will be the first line of defense to protect the internal information security of VDI. Information security is inseparable from the protection of accounts. For example, all communication devices, server devices, station systems, remote desktop systems, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) all need account authentication to access information. Whether in public cloud, private cloud or enterprise internal system, panoramic software motp can be said to be the best gatekeeper of information security. There is not much difference in 2 relatively expanded polystyrene board. You can experience the complete function of motp on site at the Hong Kong autumn electronic commodities exhibition from October 13 to 16, 2016

with motp's rich integration experience in government agencies, finance, science and technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, circulation, games, education, medical and other industries, panorama software continues to refine its core technology. Its recent cooperation with Yuangang technology is to integrate its VDI virtualization solution, so that enterprises can enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by the comprehensive centralized management of internal systems in a safe state, at any time and anywhere, Employees can use the same desktop system application on different devices, and the motp two factor account authentication mechanism can ensure the security of confidential information within the enterprise and establish strong security protection for VDI. This solution has been successfully operated in the Taipei City Council to establish a safe and efficient internal management system for it

in addition, panorama software extends the technical application of OTP (one experiment report should include the following main contents: time password) to mobile devices more completely. The new mobile application service is used in energy-saving building materials. Combined with mobile devices, it provides users with portable, simple and safe authentication steps, so that identity authentication can be closely combined with mobile devices, and emphasizes that the security of enterprise accounts can be protected anytime, anywhere, The services include "push app push authentication", which enables instant identity authentication through mobile devices, and "trigger view personal mailbox startup", which can ensure the security of the company's email mailbox in the login of personal mobile devices. These services create unique innovations for motp, and are applicable to both cloud and internal systems

in the face of the challenges of virtualization, mobility and the continuous innovation trend, panorama software adheres to the enterprise business philosophy of "innovation, focus and simplification", takes customer needs as the purpose, and continues to create multiple applications of motp to respond to market changes

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