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Paper bowls seem to be convenient and have many hidden worries

paper bowls are everywhere, but how to make up for the performance and price gap between long glass fiber and long carbon fiber products seems to indicate that it has been completely accepted by citizens. However, the seemingly convenient paper bowl is not as safe as people think. Secondary pollution of disposable tableware is a common phenomenon. Readers who know the inside story called and said that many processing plants are still using recycled recycled paper to make paper bowls. Some small workshops use cheap and toxic industrial adhesives to stick paper bowls. In addition, the ink used to print words on paper tableware is not food grade ink, but industrial ink. This ink is very easy to penetrate into the inner wall of tableware, which is harmful to health

more insiders say that the reason why paper bowls can hold water is that the inner wall is coated with polyethylene waterproof membrane, but if the selected material is not good or the process is not qualified, This substance may be oxidized to carbonyl compounds. Carbonyl compounds are easy to volatilize after heating, and people will smell a strange smell. Long term ingestion of this substance is very harmful, especially some small factories are still using recycled polyethylene waterproof membrane, which is banned

there is a small factory making this kind of bowl near my home. I know the inside story, so I never use it. An enthusiastic reader told that some paper bowls look white and clean because of the addition of fluorescent brighteners. Talc powder can even be touched on some bowls, which are harmful to the body

it is understood that previously, Wuhan CDC had conducted an investigation on the hygienic status of tableware. The results showed that the hygienic qualification rate of disposable tableware was relatively low, and some samples were also found to have excessive fluorescent substances. It is said that the paper tableware with excessive fluorescence is most likely produced from waste paper. In China, the waste paper should be expanded synchronously and parallelly in 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, and then it turns yellow. It looks bad. In order to improve the smoothness, the manufacturer uses a large number of phosphors

not only that, previously, the "report on disposable tableware, food packaging bags/film products" issued by the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center also pointed out that there were great problems in the sanitary performance, use performance and degradation performance of disposable tableware. Paper bowls will cause huge resource consumption and bring a heavy burden to the environment. An insider in Wuhan said that the paper tableware produced by many small factories is difficult to degrade, and the production of pulp itself also pollutes the environment. At the same time, the convenience of paper bowls has formed the bad habit of many people eating while walking, which not only affects the image of citizens, but also brings great pressure to environmental sanitation work. I really didn't understand why the well used iron bowl disappeared before! I didn't know the reason until I read the newspaper. Now I really miss that kind of bowl! Yesterday, we received many readers who said that it was easy to operate. Many people said they hoped that the relevant management departments could take this problem seriously, strengthen the inspection and supervision of the production, sales and use of disposable tableware, and expect more choices of breakfast utensils

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