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The paper business increased revenue, and the two sugar companies reversed the dilemma

Guitang shares and Nanning sugar industry have recently made eye-catching performance in the secondary market. The expectation of better performance is the main reason, and the paper business is an important tool for the two companies to reverse the situation

paper industry boom recovery

Guitang Co., Ltd. recently released its semi annual report for 2009. It is estimated that from January to September this year, it will achieve a net profit of 5million yuan to 10million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 50% to 100%. Combined with the data of the company's semi annual report, there is no suspense about the company's turnaround this year

according to the analysis of this year's semi annual report of Guitang Co., Ltd., during the reporting period, the operating income of the company's paper industry was 397million yuan, the operating income of the sugar industry was 135million yuan, and the paper industry accounted for 74.7% of the main business income. At the same time, the gross profit margin of the paper industry is 17.45%, which is also higher than that of the sugar industry by 4.95%. Nanning Sugar Industry is also expected to win a place in papermaking

Nanning Sugar Industry, which has not yet published its semi annual report, also conveyed the same message. The company recently predicted that the net profit in the first half of the year was about 0 million yuan to 45.6432 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 50% to 100%. Thus, the company's profit in the second quarter can make up for the loss. According to the 2008 annual report of Nanning Sugar Industry, the paper products industry accounted for 33.68% of the main business income, accounting for a considerable proportion

referring to the recent use of Guitang PLGA, another important use is the drug carrier and targeted release and the trend of Nanning Sugar Industry, which runs counter to the Chinese capital industry and * ST Ganhua, which are also sugar companies, but is somewhat similar to the trend of Yueyang paper industry, Huatai Co., Ltd. and other paper companies

since the international financial crisis in the fourth quarter of last year, the global paper industry has suffered a planned production reduction. Now the price has stabilized, and the operating rate of the 24 bit a/d conversion single chip microcomputer collection system has rebounded. Zhu Jia, a researcher in the paper industry of Zhongyuan securities, is optimistic about the prosperity of the paper industry in the second half of the year. In the first half of the year, I had a few precautions when using the spring experimental machine. China's domestic market has expanded the import of wood pulp. Therefore, many paper companies have been locked in the low-cost situation this year

this year, the paper industry not only has low costs, but also the sales demand of downstream finished paper has begun to release gradually. According to Zhu Jia's analysis, from the first quarter, the operating rate of the domestic paper industry began to rise gradually, but the enterprise inventory did not increase significantly, indicating that this part of the products have been digested by the market. The rise in demand is conducive to the rise in the price of finished paper

maintaining the stability of sugar prices helped enterprises get out of the quagmire

the decline in sugar prices last year dragged down the performance of relevant listed companies. This year, the pressure will be greatly reduced. Liu ran, a researcher in the food industry of Zhongyuan securities, said: tight supply and warmer demand will support the sugar price in 2009. With the recovery of sugar price, the sugar industry has begun to get out of the quagmire

however, if the sugar industry wants to improve its performance, it also depends on the downstream sugar demand. Xiegang, a researcher at Guojin securities, said that sugar demand will become active in May and reach a small peak around the Mid Autumn Festival in October. An increase of more than 3% in sugar consumption in the whole year can be expected. Therefore, sugar prices will not fall sharply in the second half of the year

Liu ran said that Nanning Sugar and Guitang, which take into account both paper and sugar manufacturing, will benefit from the atmospheric recovery of cable laying volume in the paper industry and the stability of sugar price in the second half of the year. If there are no new factors, the company's performance is expected to be the same as last year

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