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Panel shipments in Chinese Mainland are expected to surpass those in South Korea in 2017. Recently, BOE announced that it would invest 30billion yuan to build the 8th in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The production line of the 5th generation of new semiconductor display devices began construction. This is the fourth high-generation LCD panel production line invested and constructed by BOE after Beijing, Hefei and Chongqing. Has 3 8. Why did BOE, the 5th generation line, build the line again? Is there really no overcapacity in China, which is already at the forefront of the global flat panel display scale? With the declining FPD industry in Japan and South Korea, how can Chinese panel manufacturers represented by BOE really become overlords

rebuild 8. The 5th generation line is intended to hit the world's top three

Fuzhou 8 when the combined switch is turned to the vertical position. The 5th generation line is of strategic significance to BOE's layout of the southeast market. After the release of production line capacity, BOE will enter the top three in the global display industry

from Beijing 8 in July 2011. 5 generation line, Hefei 8 by December 2013. 5 generation line, and then to Chongqing 8 in March 2015. 5th generation line, BOE 8. The deployment of the 5th generation line is basically that a new production line is put into operation every other year. According to reports, BOE Fuzhou 8. The 5th generation line will be put into operation in the second quarter of 2017, mainly producing LCD products such as high-resolution, narrow and wide edge TVs and desktop monitors, with a design capacity of 120000 glass substrates per month

according to BOE's idea, BOE Fuzhou 8. The 5th generation line is of strategic significance to BOE's layout of the southeast market. Globally, wait until the 6th generation ltps/amoled production line in Chengdu and the 8th generation in Fuzhou. The 5th generation TFT-LCD production line and the world's leading 10th. After the capacity of the three production lines of the 5th generation TFT-LCD production line is released, BOE will enter the top three in the global display industry

Chen Yanshun, President of BOE group, said that most domestic color TV production lines are concentrated in South China, and the production volume of monitors, smartphones, tablet computers and so on is also large. There is a huge demand for panels. BOE Fuzhou 8. Generation 5 panels can provide competitive products nearby, which plays a significant role in improving and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the electronic information industry structure in South China

professor zhangbaizhe of Tsinghua University said that the action plan for the innovative development of the new display industry from 2014 to 2016 emphasizes the moderate development of the flat panel display industry. This requires China to focus on supporting 2-3 flat panel display enterprises in important regions without increasing the main body, which is also the investment and construction 8 of BOE in Beijing, Hefei, Chongqing and Fuzhou. The reason of generation 5

at the same time, Zhang Baizhe stressed that if another 2-3 production lines are built, Chinese Mainland is expected to catch up with South Korea from 2018 to 2019, and BOE will also rush to the top two in the world. Zhang Baizhe analyzed that BOE has four 8. 5 generation lines, if each line can be divided into 2-3 categories, it is expected to lead the development direction of global TV panel technology. At the same time, the late development advantages of China's flat panel display industry can also be reflected. For example, 8 of the previous investments. The glass substrates of the 5th generation line are all 0. 6mm, the glass substrate of the new production line has been reduced to 0. 4mm, which is very suitable for bending screen, so the advantage of our country will be very obvious

there will be 11 high-generation LCD panel lines. Is there excess capacity

the demand area of LCD panel will increase steadily in the long run, but may fluctuate in the medium and short term

after learning about BOE's "wishful thinking", another problem followed: for the LCD panel market, which has always been "dangerous" of overcapacity, add this BOE Fuzhou 8. Will the 5th generation line lead to overcapacity of LCD panels in China in 2017 (after production)

as early as March this year, Csot Article 2 8. 5th generation line T2 mass production, BOE Chongqing 8. When the 5th generation line was put into operation, the industry predicted that the panel shipments in Chinese Mainland would surpass those in South Korea in 2017, reaching a global leader. From July, 2011, China led by 8. By the end of 2015, there will be 8 generation lines in China. Five generation lines have been put into production, including two of csot in Shenzhen, one of BOE in Beijing, one in Hefei and one in Chongqing, one of Samsung in Suzhou, one of LGD in Guangzhou and one of CLP panda in Nanjing. In addition, there is China Electronics in Sichuan 8. 5th generation line, Huike Group Chongqing 8. 5th generation line, BOE Hefei 10. 5 generations, etc., 8 in Chinese Mainland. There will be as many as 11 production lines of LCD panels with more than 5 generations. Will the mass production of these LCD panel high-generation lines lead to overcapacity of LCD panels in China

Liang Qingxin, Secretary General of the liquid crystal branch of China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, said that the association had made a detailed calculation and Analysis on this issue, and finally came to the following conclusions:

first of all, production capacity is not equal to effective supply, it will be affected by the marriage rate, yield and substrate cutting efficiency. Secondly, the demand area of LCD panel will increase steadily in the long run, but may fluctuate in the medium and short term. Therefore, in the long run, the supply and demand of LCD panels will maintain a basic balance. In the medium and short term, especially when the demand fluctuates strongly, there may be structural or overall excess supply

Liang Qingxin, for example, in July this year, 32 inch LCD panels were in oversupply. The average panel price (opencell) fell rapidly from $94 at the beginning of the year to $76 in July. The decline in 32 inch prices led to a gradual decline in prices of other sizes, but this was a structural surplus encountered by the LCD panel industry

at present, the industry has adjusted the panel structure and achieved initial results. For example, in the announcement of TCL Group's main product sales and service business in September, which has just been adjusted to the level with a level bar, TC's two main light bars are arranged in a trapezoidal arrangement L for the first time. The output of the T2 project of the 5th generation line was disclosed. The report shows that the total amount of LCD glass substrates of TCL's T1 and T2 production lines in September was 17. 80000 pieces, a year-on-year increase of 32. 7%; With the increase of T2 project output, the product structure is constantly improving. In September, the sales area of LCD TV panel and module products was converted to about 18 LCD glass substrates. 70000 tablets, a year-on-year increase of 39. 8%; Among them, the sales volume of 55 inch products increased by 187 year-on-year. 0%。

some experts who did not want to be named said that overcapacity is a relative concept. From a global perspective, the total capacity of LCD panels may have been equal to the total global demand, but from a regional perspective, as a large panel purchasing country, China's panel supply has not yet met its own demand. The implication is that even if there is overcapacity, as long as the quality of China's new production lines is sufficiently guaranteed, we can give full play to regional advantages and achieve internal supply. At that time, even the surplus is the surplus of others. Therefore, under the current situation of production capacity, enterprises without strength should carefully invest in the panel industry

it has been estimated in the industry that for every 1 inch increase in the average size of a TV set, it will be able to digest 8% of the monthly production capacity of about 90000 pieces. The production capacity of the 5th generation panel production line and the growth of the average size will more effectively absorb the new production capacity. Obviously, the increase of the average size year by year is an indisputable fact in the color TV market in recent years. It is reported that in 2014, the average size of the global color TV panel increased by about 1. 3 inches

therefore, Liang Qingxin pointed out that in any case, the current production capacity of LCD panels has promoted panel manufacturers to enter the adjustment period, and Chinese enterprises should adjust their process and R & D direction to high-end, market tight products to avoid unnecessary overcapacity. If there is overcapacity, we can only use price war to solve the problem, which will bring great damage to the industry

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