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Panel prices have fallen, and the domestic color TV market has opened the era of large screen

with the rise of Internet smart TVs, the price of large-size TVs over 47 inches has been falling. TVs that used to be prone to seven or eight thousand now cost only about 2500 yuan to win. In the view of industry experts, the sharp decline in TV prices is not only related to the fact that LETV, iqiyi, Xiaomi and other Internet enterprises do not rely on hardware to make profits, but also has a great connection with the continuous decline in TV panel prices in recent years

according to orvey consulting data, in, the price of TV panels with more than 47 inches showed a step-by-step decline, from 8901 yuan in 2011 to 7460 yuan in 2012, and then to 7025 yuan this year

the decline in the price of large-size TVs has ushered in the era of large screens in the domestic color TV market. According to the latest research data of Ovi consulting, it is expected that by 2015, the overall sales of domestic large screen TVs will account for more than 40%

since this year, after LETV released its 39 inch super TV with a price of only 1999 yuan in May, the industry has begun to brew an unprecedented price war, which finally broke out in September and October. On September 3, iqiyi, together with TCA and Brinell hardness (HB) l, released 48 Inch smart tv+, and the price of the classic version is only 2999 yuan. On September 5, Xiaomi released a 47 inch TV, also priced at 2999 yuan, and announced on the spot that it would be sold in October this year. There are few opportunities for sales representatives of many experimental machine sales companies to move to management positions since the middle of September

just before the official sale of classic tv+ and Xiaomi TV, LETV S50 was born. LETV released the 50 inch super TV S50, which costs only 2499 yuan. The selling price of Skyworth 47 inch 47e610g smart TV is also as low as 3488 yuan

there are not a few large screen TVs in the market. The superiority of geographical location makes people living in cities take the lead in experiencing the effect of large screen TV home theater. With the development of urbanization, the hot selling trend of large screen TV will gradually spread to the rural market

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