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The 30000 ton artificial rutile and titanium rich material project of Panzhihua Xinzhong titanium has been put into production

"there are many kinds of materials of 30000 ton artificial rutile and titanium rich shaft, and the titanium material projects have been completed and put into production, and the product quality has reached the international standards of similar products." On September 12, the relevant person in charge of Panzhihua New China Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. said that with the help of the platform of the 12th Western China International Expo, "products can be sold at several times the price of China Titanium Technology" and Panzhihua Vanadium Titanium Industrial Park signed a series of titanium projects. At present, the phase I industrialization project has been completed and put into production

it is understood that China titanium technology is currently the only enterprise in China that uses wet technology to produce artificial rutile and titanium rich materials. In order to make full use of titanium resources in Panzhihua Xichang region, the company introduced the R & D team of artificial rutile, titanium rich material and titanium dioxide production technology from the United States. By combining the characteristics of titanium resources in Panxi region with advanced technologies at home and abroad, the team developed high-quality artificial rutile and titanium rich materials suitable for Titanium Resources in Panxi region. After testing the data, the team compared the production technology of tensile strength and maximum tensile strength with the experimental data and the production technology of composite titanium white, and applied for and obtained a number of national patents

according to the agreement, Xinzhong Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest 7.5 billion yuan in Panzhihua in five years to build projects with an annual output of 1million tons of artificial rutile and titanium rich materials, 300000 tons of composite rutile titanium dioxide, 10000 tons of titanium products, 2.4 million tons of supporting pellets, etc. After the project is put into operation, it is expected to achieve a sales revenue of 11 billion yuan, pay taxes of 1.3 billion yuan, and provide 5000 jobs. Left hydrogel immobilized biomolecules and cells are widely used in analysis, medical diagnosis and other aspects

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