The development trend of lighting fixtures in 2012

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2012 development trend of lamps and lanterns

looking at the lighting lamps and lanterns market in recent years, the competition of home lighting lamps and lanterns mainly focuses on the application of efficacy, modeling, technology and new technology, and the change of materials. Therefore, the consumer demand trend of the lighting lamps and lanterns market will also change in the near future

according to the market survey of lighting fixtures, functional segmentation, luxurious modeling, advocating nature, rich colors, combined use, high technology, multifunction, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the main factors affecting consumers' consumption of lighting fixtures. In this era of fashion and trend, the decoration effect of lighting lamps is far greater than its lighting effect. Now there are many villas, which not only buy a large number of lighting lamps, but also have high requirements for the professionalism of lamps

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for example, if the upstairs and downstairs are far away, low power consumption led lights or corridor lights should be set in the stairway; The indoor space is too large, and it is inconvenient to switch on and off the lights when walking too far, so it is necessary to design a number of control switches and special power supply systems; Induction lamps should be set up in the doorways, corners and other places where it is inconvenient to find switches. All these provide extremely important market conditions for the refinement and specialization of lighting consumption

at present, lighting consumption is diversified, and there is evidence that the death toll is still climbing year by year. In this sense, it also caters to the needs of the market. Now, according to the above situation, the pursuit of personalized decoration style makes consumers pay more attention to the decorative role of lamps while improving the quality requirements of lamps. At the same time, the grade of lighting is also developing from the original low level to the middle and high level. Consumers' pursuit of low-key luxury increases the demand for high-quality lighting

lamps and lanterns as a part of household ornaments, the atmosphere of the room is created and enhanced by lights. If you are too stingy in lighting, do not have appropriate lighting effects, and do not highlight the decoration style of the house, then your previous efforts will be wasted. It is worth spending a little more money to buy personalized lighting

on the other hand, different decoration styles need different lighting to set off; And different rooms, different functions, the atmosphere of the room is also different, the selected lighting is also completely different

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