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Rockwell Automation entered Anhui to achieve a win-win situation

on April 13, Rockwell Automation of the United States officially announced its "entry" into Anhui, hoping to carry out a series of cooperation with many large-scale manufacturing well-known enterprises in Anhui, such as JAC, Chery, Masteel, Huainan Mining Group, Huaibei Mining Group, and SDIC Xinji, so as to take root in the Chinese market. Anhui manufacturing enterprises and merchants also said that with the characteristics of stepper only periodic errors without accumulated errors, Rockwell's entry into Anhui this time will give it new development opportunities in 2016 and broad prospects for future cooperation

it is understood that Rockwell Automation is an established enterprise with more than 100 years of history and experience. It not only has a full range of automation products, but also provides global technical support, project implementation and service capabilities, which lays a solid foundation for improving the overall local industrial manufacturing level

Rockwell Automation hopes that through this short channel into Anhui, it can really bring practical value to local users and contribute to the improvement of automation level in Anhui and central China. Through global technical support, we can provide users with more value-added services to achieve a real win-win situation

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