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Rockwell Automation factorytalk teamone application can accelerate factory diagnosis and achieve zero obstacle collaboration

China industrial control industrial control information Rockwell Automation factorytalk teamone application can accelerate factory diagnosis and achieve zero obstacle collaboration

(Milwaukee, November 21, 2016). When production encounters obstacles, there is no time for lengthy investigation and personnel search process. At present, in many industrial enterprises, when dealing with parking events, front-line employees must first connect to the server, then check the devices and data sources from left to right, rush back and forth between various information portals, find colleagues familiar with specific problems and consult professional knowledge. If they can't directly realize visualization or call collaborative tools and information systems in their most commonly used devices, the time required to find solutions will be doubled

now, Rockwell Automation has released a new application factorytalk teamone, which is applicable to both IOS and Android intelligence. As part of the company's expanded information solutions strategy to help employees throughout the enterprise make better decisions, this application supports seamless connection to the technologies used by manufacturers in the digital transformation process. With this application, users can collaborate with each other and share knowledge, view real-time production diagnosis, and interact with machine alarm and fault handling equipment, ultimately promoting the productivity of the whole team. Teams using the factorytalk teamone application can promote the reduction of mean time to repair (MTTR). Within ± 0.5% of the set value; 15. Displacement control rate range: 0.001 ~ 500mm/min16. Displacement control rate accuracy: within ± 0.2% of the set value. 17. Constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement control range: 0.5% ~ 100% fs18. Constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement control accuracy: when the set value is ≥ 10% FS

by providing near real-time accident and equipment data, factory workshops, engineering and it employees can cooperate with each other as a team, Solve problems quickly. Employees can choose from multiple modules through the factorytalk teamone application in their own intelligence, so as to directly view the information of Allen Bradley PowerFlex frequency converter or other devices, or view the general health status of any Ethernet/IP device that everyone knows. And this information can be shared with other trusted team members within the scope of all collaboration and fault handling modules of this application. After the problem is solved, the relevant knowledge will be marked, saved and searched for future problems

in order to view machine data, industrial enterprises often need to invest several years and a lot of money to develop new technologies in advance, and then they can start to see returns in productivity growth, said Kyle Reissner, head of mobile platform in Rockwell Automation integration architecture. This factorytalk teamone application introduces a new zero barrier value model, which can be downloaded by different teams. The evaluation of common steel deformation performance usually takes the cold bending angle as the criterion to form a team, and uses its own knowledge and equipment data to promote productivity. The team does not need to install servers, have existing infrastructure such as OPC servers, or connect automated assets and devices to the cloud for the purpose of using these modules

factorytalk teamone application is an intelligent node. The device module of this application can directly communicate with the devices in the network and view real-time data, rather than connect to a server as a client. When the cloud can be accessed safely, these modules can be synchronized with other trusted team members

the initial version, factorytalk teamone free version, is now available, including the following eight modules: event, device status, team board, knowledge base, connection, patch board, session and trend. This version can be downloaded from Google play or Apple App store. In the future, factorytalk teamone standard edition will be available in 2017 in the form of annual subscription. According to customer feedback, the future version will also provide an additional alarm module to support multi team login and other functions. Even if different teams mix the free version and the subscription version, their seamless collaboration will not be affected

we regard factorytalk teamone as the first application dedicated to improving the productivity of industrial workers by integrating team collaboration and automation core data, Reissner said. This is an exciting innovation field, and we plan to update it constantly. In fact, we have begun to plan for future modules, integration with factorytalk analytics applications, and even contribute content

since September 2016, the app has been previewed by more than 500 customers. The excellent startup team formerly known as project Stanton needs the chemical industry to pay close attention to key materials and products, and has worked closely with Microsoft to jointly develop this application

currently available for free download. You can visit iTunes and Google play app store to download the free version of factorytalk teamone released this time

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