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Hongyan Jieshi appeared at the 2015 Chongqing fair with intelligent environmental protection heavy truck

Hongyan Jieshi appeared at the 2015 Chongqing fair with intelligent environmental protection heavy truck

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the Institute aims to promote the development of lightweight composites required for clean energy products from May 28 to 31, The 18th alvant in axial magnetic flux electromechanical utilization, the China (Chongqing) International Investment and Global Procurement Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Chongqing Fair) was grandly held in Chongqing Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition was jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China, the Three Gorges Office of the State Council, the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the Chongqing People's government, etc. it has been successfully held for 17 consecutive sessions. It is an important platform for the western region to participate in the process of economic globalization and carry out various forms of economic and trade cooperation, It is also an annual event for the west to participate in the "the Belt and Road" and connectivity. As the backbone enterprise of Chongqing automobile industry, SAIC Iveco Hongyan specially brought its flagship product new Jieshi based on medium and long-distance trunk logistics transportation, as well as Hongyan urban muck truck and mixer based on city and engineering construction to booth 19 in hall S1 of this exhibition

new Jieshi - the more forward, the more wonderful

the new Jieshi is a new flagship product of Jieshi heavy truck after years of experience, adapting to the current high-end development trend of logistics and transportation equipment and the actual needs of users. It is expected to be officially launched nationwide in September this year. It is not only more powerful and beautiful in appearance, but also has made great breakthroughs in the upgrading of ergonomic comfort, safety, efficiency and reliability, and road operation economy, and has also made outstanding performance in technological innovation and car coupling intelligent upgrading

New King Kong intelligent muck truck - Green China dream

2015 environmental issues have become a hot topic of social discussion. As a car enterprise, it must shoulder the responsibility of energy conservation and emission reduction in atmospheric governance and environmental protection. As one of the active advocates of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, SAIC Iveco Hongyan special Co., Ltd. and Hongyan xinjingang 6 × 4. The urban muck transport vehicle participated in this exhibition. This model not only meets the requirements of construction waste truck technology and transportation management, but also meets the four national environmental protection standards. The sealing cover fully covers the top of the carriage to avoid dust and spillage during transportation. The vehicle subverts the traditional design concept of truck side protection and adopts integrated side skirt protection, which is safe, beautiful, environmental friendly and convenient, effectively preventing cars and pedestrians from getting involved in the bottom of the vehicle, and the safety is doubled; For driving safety, the control platform can set the driving speed value, and the maximum vehicle speed can only be driven at the set speed to ensure driving safety; The top cover of the cargo box is equipped with a limit sensor. If it is not completely closed, the vehicle can only drive at the set speed and send out an alarm; Adding rear door sealing strip and optional hydraulic locking system: it can realize the complete sealing of shape memory alloy, self-healing materials, intelligent bionics and metamaterial rear doors, without any dripping during transportation, especially suitable for the transportation of goods with large water content and small particles

the vehicle ride on the high-performance electronic universal material experiment is equipped with jieshida car coupling system, which integrates Beidou navigation, on-board terminals, intelligent sensors, etc. it can effectively monitor operating vehicles, facilitate the supervision of vehicles by the fleet and relevant management departments, and effectively improve the efficiency of management and operation

Jieshi mixer - close partner of engineering construction

at this Chongqing fair, Hongyan Jieshi 8 × 4 C100 cement mixer truck also appeared in full dress. The car was carefully built by experts from China and Italy, while adhering to the traditional essence of Hongyan heavy truck for 50 years. It is comfortable, reliable, safe, cost-effective and can meet Euro IV emissions. The top is equipped with high-strength tanks with a volume of 14 square meters. Rexroth hydraulic and deceleration systems improve the reliability of the whole vehicle. Jieshi series cement mixers will play a major role in the "the Belt and Road" and the construction of western cities, and become the main force in the domestic special vehicle market

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