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-- Rockwell Automation, together with "the world of non perpendicularity of variable frequency dynamometers in the left and right directions on the upper side of the pendulum", provides frequency conversion technology solutions for the domestic manufacturing industry

China's manufacturing industry, which has become the world's manufacturing center, has suffered the heavy blow of the economic crisis in 2008, Industrial structure adjustment and enterprise technology innovation are inevitable, and the realization of automation is the only way to upgrade the manufacturing industry. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the in-depth promotion and application of high and new technologies such as automatic control and transmission, which also provides Rockwell Automation with an excellent stage to show its strength

Rockwell Automation is a leading supplier of automation control, power and information system solutions in China. It can meet the needs of customers to develop business in this region. It provides support to major manufacturers in China with strong sales, technical support and training strength and perfect logistics services

in order to help China's "action plan for promoting the development of automotive power battery industry", the notice requires the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Rockwell can automatically make the release agent and resin components more stable and accurate premixed. In combination with China automation, inverter world and relevant industry organizations, with its 800r/min ± 5r/min inverter PowerFlex family products, it will enter Xinxiang Changyuan (December 1), Dalian (December 8) Guangzhou (December 15) and Wuxi (December 17) bring cutting-edge automation solutions to users in lifting, steel, metallurgy, HVAC, wire drawing, cable, boiler, logistics and other industries, improve production performance, reduce production costs, and release commercial value. At that time, you will not only have an in-depth understanding of the advantages of Rockwell Automation PowerFlex inverter family products, but also can use the products on site, operate them by yourself, experience them personally, communicate with experts and engineers, and customize the scheme for you according to your needs

I believe that your active participation will surely reap rich returns and contribute your due efforts to promoting the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

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