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Rockware company provides glass bottles for Magners cider

a leading Irish cider brand, Magners cider is aimed at drinking in Ireland in London. At the same time, a new family production of Rockwell glass bottles is launched

attractive 568 ml pint bottles, 750 mL and 1 liter bottles play a major role in the success of brand growth in the UK. Magners is a traditional premium in "The advanced automobile drive and transmission system will directly affect the fuel and energy efficiency. Cider on ice pint glass delivers mingkuai and fresh taste. The brand has occupied 24% of the market share. In suger next year, we will continue to focus on expanding product sales to the whole Asia Pacific region. In just two years, and Stephen Kent, the marketing manager, believes that the prospect is equally exciting.

he explained that at the same time : Magners is a unique high-quality product and offer, because its taste, refreshments, image, London consumers accept and enjoy, it has been other ways Magners' '

due to the use of traditional production methods and natural ingredients, Magners' satisfactory refreshing comes from 17 Apple company's own orchard varieties and the bottles of Tippery in the past 70 years. Nine out of every 10 pints of cider sold in Ireland have activated the entire category in the company's account

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