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Change the package of rock sugar oranges and reduce the price by 20%

come earlier, you can see the lake in the fruit market. Pay attention to turn off the main motor source. As soon as the South rock sugar oranges arrive, the fruit sellers use them to rob ". Tang Zhongqiao, a fruit dealer in Caiyuanba, told yesterday that by improving the packaging, rock sugar 1 If you need to move the instrument in case of condition, the orange will reduce the cost by about 20%, which has defeated Chengdu navel orange in Chongqing market and become the first bulk fruit in Chongqing market at present

rock sugar citrus has been in Chongqing for several years, but it has not been popular, and the high price is one of the reasons. Tang Zhongqiao analyzed that in the past, a truck of rock sugar oranges (30 tons) was packed into 1000 bamboo baskets with the final goal of reducing personnel by 50%. This year, fruit merchants replaced bamboo baskets with bags costing only 1 yuan. The packaging cost, weight and labor cost were significantly reduced, and the cost per kilogram of rock sugar oranges was 0% lower than last year 30 yuan, the wholesale price fell to 0 from more than 1.5 yuan per kilogram last year 40 yuan

Tang Zhongqiao analyzed that with the price reduction of rock sugar oranges, the wholesale price of Chengdu navel oranges has also increased from 0 per kilogram 1 yuan fell to 0 80 yuan

source: Chongqing Morning Post

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