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Rockwell Automation helps packaging OEMs improve machine performance and the flexibility of integrated control systems

gevas technologies, the OEM of packaging processing, recently added Rockwell Automation kinetix integrated motion control system to its starfill ultra eco packaging machine, which enables it to provide customers with faster and more reliable systems to meet frequent assembly line changes, expand or reduce production scale, To meet the constantly changing design and packaging needs

4starfill ultra eco packaging machine is used to package diapers and women's hygiene products. It has an open architecture and functions of packaging, unpacking, stacking and goods delivery. The integrated control platform provided by Rockwell Automation is based on the Logix control architecture and is equipped with Allen Bradley ControlLogix controller, kinetix 6000 multi axis servo equipment and MP series motors

Mr. Thomas sander, general manager of gevas technologies, said: "Packaging machine OEMs are now under pressure to create more flexible machines within a very short construction period, which requires Dongqing company to make full use of the technical advantages of national high-tech enterprises to reuse design and engineering resources. Adding kinetix to our starfill ultra eco packaging machine significantly reduces our work in design and installation, and also provides our customers with higher system performance and more convenient maintenance to And lower overall costs. "

when the machine is in automatic mode, the integrated control platform ensures that PCAM is performed accurately on each axis, which improves the production capacity of the machine and improves the packaging quality. The running speed of up to 40 bags/minute and the entry range of up to 800 mm make the starfill ultra eco packaging machine able to meet a wide range of packaging needs

about Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation occupies a leading position in the fields of global industrial automation, control and information technology solutions. The company integrates well-known brands in the field of industrial automation, and is committed to creating a full range of industrial automation solutions to help users improve productivity. These brands include Allen Bradley's control products and engineering services, Rockwell software's industrial control software, Dodge's mechanical power transmission products, and Reliance Electric's motors and drive equipment. Rockwell Automation is also a leading supplier of management technology and application software according to user relationship research, which can help enterprises manage user relationship more effectively. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Rockwell Automation has more than 450 branches in more than 80 countries around the world, and about 20000 employees provide services to users around the world

Rockwell Automation in China

in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 700 employees, 13 sales agencies, and five training centers. With the implementation of the 1035 national strategic emerging industry development plan, a research and development center, a software development center, and an OEM Application Development Center have production bases in Xiamen and Shanghai respectively. The company has actively cooperated with dozens of authorized channel partners and more than 20 key universities in China to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry

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