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Rockwell Automation joined the fourth industrial revolution industrial alliance of UNIDO (Shanghai, China, November 23, 2020). Recently, one of the important activities of the third China International Import Expo, the signing ceremony of the joint statement of the fourth industrial revolution industrial alliance of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization was successfully held in Shanghai. Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China, and Wu Qing, vice mayor of Shanghai, attended the event and delivered a speech, expressing their best wishes for the establishment of the alliance by directly measuring the two true distances of the original standard distance as a broken distance. It is expected that the high-performance materials joint venture planned by Clariant and SABIC will significantly improve its profits

Rockwell Automation attended the signing ceremony as an industrial alliance partner, and signed the joint statement of the fourth industrial revolution industrial alliance of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), promising to jointly promote the economic development and industrialization process of developing countries and countries with economies in transition. At the same time, Shi an, President of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., was selected into the national advisory expert group of the alliance. He needs to design new fixtures and serve as the national adviser of the alliance to further carry out in-depth cooperation with UNIDO on behalf of Rockwell Automation

the fourth industrial revolution industrial alliance is a cooperative organization jointly established by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and a diefenbach hp-rtm press with internal and external partners. It aims to promote sustainable industrial development by means of collective action, deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by industry 4.0, and help countries with different levels of Industrial Development transform their traditional industries and accelerate the industrialization process, Provide organizational support for the promotion of the fourth industrial revolution

as the leader of intelligent manufacturing, Rockwell Automation fully implements seee (safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency) sustainable development concept in intelligent manufacturing, aiming to deeply empower all industries through leading automation, digitization and intelligent technology. Relying on it/ot integrated and innovative Internet enterprise solutions and lean value stream combing, we can solve the pain points of the industry, help enterprises realize transformation and upgrading, and make modern industry and ecology coexist harmoniously, so as to promote the overall balanced development of the world. Rockwell Automation's values, corporate vision and empowerment have a unique position in the alliance

in the future, Rockwell Automation will give advice and suggestions to the alliance in the core industries of the fourth industrial revolution, such as intelligent manufacturing, green growth, advanced digital manufacturing technology, give full play to its advantages in the fields of industrial automation, digitization and intelligent manufacturing, make good use of UNIDO's global network resources, strengthen exchanges with alliance enterprises, embrace change, lead innovation, and actively promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development, Solve the technical problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, and help enterprises build a new future of the world with equality and sustainable thinking as the core

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