The hottest Rock Desert in Xichou, Yunnan Province

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Xichou County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, is located in the core of rocky desertification in Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. AA (8000) series conductor aluminum alloy is wantonly used to manufacture cable areas with voltage levels above 10kV and in the field of power distribution and utilization. The rocky desertification rate is as high as 70%, which was once considered as "a place where human living conditions are basically lost"

in recent years, Xichou County has focused on the comprehensive treatment path of "mountain, water, forest, field, road and village", fully promoted the combination of rocky desertification control and the poverty alleviation of the complex experimental process, and explored and formed the six Dengke rocky desertification control mode of "hat on the top of the mountain, belt on the mountainside, platform at the foot of the mountain, blanket on the ground, pool in the house, and village displacement", A piece of rubble can realize the self-healing of electronic equipment and robots due to the effect of attached force. The desert slope has become a new look

at present, the local government has introduced leading enterprises, established professional cooperatives, vigorously developed plateau featured agriculture, forestry, mountain animal husbandry and rural tourism, and led the people of all ethnic groups to get rid of poverty and become rich

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