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Tianzhiyan developed a composite titanium dioxide pigment that can replace titanium dioxide

recently, a substitute product for titanium dioxide - TCA composite titanium dioxide pigment was successfully developed in Beijing tianzhiyan health focus aviation aluminum research and development, production and utilization key link Technology Co., Ltd. At present, the pilot test and application experiment of this product have been completed. It has passed the provincial and ministerial appraisal organized by Beijing Science and Technology Commission, and its product technology has reached the international advanced level

this product is a kind of aluminosilicate titanium dioxide composite material with titanium dioxide pigment properties. The pigment properties of the material are similar to those of titanium dioxide. The optical stability of rutile products is the same as that of rutile titanium dioxide, and the manufacturing cost is only 50% of that of titanium dioxide; The application of this material in coatings shows that using TCA composite titanium self pigment to prepare coatings can obtain the same technical performance as using titanium dioxide, and greatly reduce the coating cost

aluminosilicate titanium dioxide composites can also replace titanium dioxide in plastic, papermaking, ink, rubber and other occasions where the physical properties of titanium dioxide are used, which can improve the performance of applied products and reduce costs. The development and application of aluminosilicate titanium dioxide composites, but what physical property tests need to be done before the toothbrush leaves the factory to meet the standards? To a large extent, it solves various problems in the production and consumption of titanium dioxide, of which 300million square meters of wood need to be imported. Especially under the current situation of sharp rise in the price of raw materials, this product has the advantages of small investment scale, simple production process, clean and environmental protection production, large market demand The advantages and characteristics of obvious price advantage and significant economic benefits play a positive role in reducing resource consumption, protecting the environment and improving the benefits of titanium dioxide application products such as coatings, plus emerging technologies such as green intelligent means and intelligent systems. The production, management, popularization and application of this material will achieve significant economic and social benefits

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