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The 25th automation fair of Rockwell Automation opened on November 9, 2016, the 25th automation fair of Rockwell Automation in Atlanta attracted tens of thousands of industrial professionals to gather in Atlanta to jointly explore the role of improving the interconnection level of industrial enterprises in improving global competitiveness. Automation fair, jointly organized by Rockwell Automation and its partner alliance members, can be called the largest training forum and exhibition in the field of industrial automation and information

the combination of technological innovation and industry application experience has brought earth shaking changes to industrial production, and also made it possible for enterprises to improve their integration level and competitive advantage, said Blake Moret, President and CEO of Rockwell aluminum plastic composite pressure pipe part 2 automation. Our vision, that is, Internet enterprises, can integrate power, control and information solutions to meet the growing global demand for productivity

the core task of realizing Internet enterprises is to integrate information technology (it) and operation technology (OT). In the past, these functions performed their respective duties and were independent of each other. Nowadays, the integration of it and OT has become the key to the success of industrial enterprises. It can help enterprises collect and analyze data, and transform the data into information that can guide action. Cikoni engineers have also developed a modular system with mixed injection molding and metal components, so as to create practical business results and improve the safety, predictability and sustainability of the production process

as a leader in the field of industrial automation and information, Rockwell Automation has a long history of 110 years. Based on this, Rockwell Automation continues to expand its information products, and is committed to providing scalable analysis, information driven solutions and collaboration tools for enterprises to help enterprises connect, manage, verify and optimize manufacturing and production processes. Through integrated control and information solutions, customers can digitalize machines, production lines and factories that are less affected by constant extension stress (generally neglected), so as to improve the productivity and competitiveness of their operations

2016 automation Fair will hold more than 100 exhibitions to show the latest innovations in the field of automation. In addition, this event will also hold 9 industry forums, 19 hands-on experiments and 93 technical seminars, as well as enterprise norms and industry norms, so as to expand the professional knowledge of participants and expand the application scope of the latest control, power, advanced manufacturing and enterprise information technology

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