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[good driver story] doing great things depends on your heart, making big money depends on temporary work

[good driver story] doing great things depends on your heart, making big money depends on temporary work

China Construction machinery information

Zhang Yong from Nanjing, at first glance, looks completely different from the image of "Southern man", and his body shape and temperament are more like an authentic "northern man". But as soon as he chatted, his delicate mind and serious energy gradually restored his true feelings

be down-to-earth, step by step. In 2003, a chance made Zhang Yong step into the construction machinery industry. From being a driver of others' excavators to being the leader of a construction machinery operation team with seven excavators and an initial scale, Zhang Yong spent eight years. In his own words, "I don't expect to get rich overnight, let alone a commercial prodigy. I work step by step, become a person, and complete my dream. After eight years of Anti Japanese War, I won myself"

in the days when I firmly believe in the "good" shuffle of the industry, I was accidentally poisoned by "temporary work". In these eight years, Zhang Yong, like most practitioners seeking to achieve the best experimental results, has experienced the ups and downs of the construction machinery industry, but he has never thought of quitting this industry. He has always believed that this is a "benign" reshuffle, from the two excavators of other brands he initially bought, to the "Shandong Lingong" of Yishui, from listening to others say "good" to feeling "really good", From "not knowing anything" to "proficient in everything", Zhang Yong's requirements for equipment are extremely meticulous. He not only requires the equipment to be "cost-effective", "high appearance value", "good service" but also "comfortable to sit". He said that when he was a driver, he had to work on the machine for more than n hours to work. It was already hard. If he could sit comfortably when working, it would be much easier, Later, the products he came into contact with Lingong just met all his needs for equipment and brand. Now he not only uses the equipment of "Shandong Lingong" himself, but also recommends it to his good brothers. In this way, in the later days, he slowly became "poisoned" by "Shandong Lingong"

"good" competition makes the dream go further. Zhang Yong, who thought he had become a "boss", came to the scene of "good driver" today to watch and cheer. Who knows that he is quite confident in his skills. He brought himself and three "drivers" to the scene of a good driver to "fight strange", and asked him if he was not afraid that his "good driver" would be poached by his peers, but he was particularly calm, afraid of what! The activity of "good driver" is not only to provide a platform for competing skills, obtaining industry qualification recognition, but also to make friends from all over the world! He especially likes this "good driver" activity, because the "good driver" activity makes him see that the industry is more positive, the noise is less and regular during working hours, which makes him more hopeful. He believes that the industry can develop better only with "benign" competition

in the future, "boss Zhang" has a bigger dream. He wants to gather more industry elites and resources to work together to build a community that can provide a variety of operations and equipment, benign and formal to compete for more and larger projects, from small-scale work to large-scale qualified work. He believes that if he wants to do big things, he can start with "good" to replace existing pet plastics, plasticizers and other materials. He believes, My dream will go further

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