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Strategic thinking on the cooperation and development of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta (III)

IV. some major problems and Countermeasures in the cooperation and development of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta

1. On strengthening the overall planning of the regional packaging industry

the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee put forward the "five overall plans", which is a major strategic policy to guide a new round of economic and social development in China. What is the basis of the five overall plans? It is overall planning. If there is no long-term, ahead of schedule, based on the overall planning, overall planning has become an empty talk. In the past, the three provinces and cities of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai were all independent, self planning, self design and self-centered, and rarely considered the relationship between their own planning and the development of the region and surrounding areas. To a certain extent, it has caused the isolation, closeness and blindness of local development. However, great changes have taken place since the end of the last century, especially in recent years. First of all, for the first time, Shanghai has carried out the "Research on the ideas and Countermeasures of the coordinated development strategy between Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta urban economic circle during the Tenth Five Year Plan", and achieved good results. Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and other cities in the Yangtze River Delta have also responded when formulating plans, which has laid a good foundation for regional cooperation and linkage development between the Yangtze River Delta in recent years

The year 2005 is the year when the central and local governments formulate the 11th five year plan. The packaging industry is also facing the major mission of planning a new round of grand development blueprint. In the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of the packaging industry in all parts of the Yangtze River Delta: how to reflect the guiding ideology of the "five overall plans" put forward by the central government, and how to start from the regional overall strategic consciousness of "based on the world, regional linkage, complementary advantages, showing their strengths, dislocation development, win-win and common prosperity", while planning and predicting their own development, pay close attention to the development trend and mutual relationship of cities in the region and surrounding cities, It is very important to adjust your development goals and planning contents in a timely manner. Therefore, it is suggested that the government departments in charge of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and 15+1 cities in the Yangtze River Delta, together with the packaging industry association, jointly establish the "Yangtze River Delta packaging industry planning and coordination group", whose main task is to focus on discussing the construction and integration of regional packaging industry, coordinate local planning, and comprehensively carry out exchanges, consultations and common development in the field of regional packaging industry planning

2. On the structural adjustment, optimization and upgrading of regional packaging industry

a major problem in the development of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta is the serious similarity of packaging products across regions, and there are signs of increasing in recent years

how should we understand the serious similar phenomenon of packaging products in the Yangtze River Delta? This kind of similar phenomenon has both objective rationality and practical harmfulness. It cannot be generalized and needs in-depth and systematic research and analysis. In terms of its rationality, the Yangtze River Delta region has common natural, resource and location conditions; Second, it has the same historical basis of economic and social development; Third, the intensification of the similarity of packaging products in the Yangtze River Delta has been formed in the process of economic development and agglomeration in recent years. Industries with high similarity are also highly regional agglomeration. The advantageous industry with a large market share reflects the overall development trend of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta from one side. In terms of its harmfulness, first, it leads to the weak complementarity between cities and regions, the difficulty of cross regional industrial division and cooperation, and the difficulty of forming the overall industrial advantages of the region; Second, this converging industrial structure can easily lead to the introduction of various local protectionist policies, the segmentation and fragmentation of regional markets, low-level repeated construction and vicious competition for resources, markets and foreign-funded projects. Especially at present, the overall level of technical equipment of the packaging industry in various regions is not high, and the independent intellectual property rights and scientific and technological innovation ability are not strong, When the upstream and downstream industries are not closely related, it will intensify vicious competition; Third, this converging industrial structure has also led to the unconventional growth of the Yangtze River Delta in recent years, which is bound to have a negative impact on the decline of regional industrial structure

in the process of the adjustment and optimization of the packaging industrial structure in the Yangtze River Delta, in order to break the structural obstacles of similar industries and products in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai, as the largest economic center city in the Yangtze River Delta, is also the core city with the highest target positioning, the best industrial structure, the best industrial development foundation and the strongest comprehensive competitiveness in the urban economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta. How high the industrial height of Shanghai, how much the industrial structure adjustment and industrial transfer efforts, have a direct impact on the future adjustment of the packaging industry and industrial expansion space in the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai should give full play to its advantages of sophisticated equipment, strong technical force, advanced production technology, strong R & D ability and talents, focus on the R & D and production of high-end, high-quality and technologically advanced new packaging products, packaging materials and packaging equipment, gradually transfer some ordinary traditional packaging products, and make full use of the cities and regions around the Yangtze River Delta to provide supporting services. Otherwise, the surrounding cities and regions will intensify the competition with Shanghai at the same level of packaging products, compete for resources and markets, and eventually cause both sides to lose

the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta should follow the principles of "centralized plate making, decentralized box making", "centralized film making, decentralized bag making", "centralized iron printing, decentralized can making", "centralized production of parts and components, decentralized assembly of complete machines" in the regional environment to carry out rational allocation of regional resources, rational division of products, different emphasis on industries, removal of regional boundaries, and tripartite linkage development

in view of the extreme importance of the similarity of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta for the structural adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the regional packaging industry, it is suggested that the economic and trade departments of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai should take the lead to organize industry associations to focus on the segmentation of the similarity of the regional packaging industry, as well as the market prospect and expansion space of the regional packaging industry, the degree of relevance of the same products and the regional division of labor, Carry out in-depth research and coordination, and find solutions to problems

3. About jointly building a strong packaging industry community in the Yangtze River Delta

in recent years, a very gratifying and obvious progress in the process of regional economic integration in the Yangtze River Delta is that local enterprises, as the main body of the market economy, are actively taking action, taking assets as the link, mergers and acquisitions and cross regional vertical division of labor within enterprises as the main way, actively implementing the "going out" strategy, vigorously carrying out cross regional, cross sectoral and cross ownership asset operation, and becoming the integration of all regions into the Yangtze River Delta, Serving the whole country and becoming the main force of the world. In particular, some private enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, after basically completing the original accumulation of capital, are seeking new development in the process of developing towards collectivization, diversification and specialization. Only Zhejiang people operate in Shanghai as many as 250000, and the total investment of Zhejiang enterprises in Shanghai has reached more than 50 billion yuan. The total consumption of Zhejiang products in Shanghai has accounted for about 10% of the total retail sales of consumer goods in Shanghai. The stepping electromechanical used by Shanghai enterprises is an open-loop control element that converts electric pulse signals into angular displacement or linear displacement. 30% of the packaging products come from Zhejiang and Jiangsu

the benefits brought by the cross regional development of enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta and its role in promoting regional economic integration are multifaceted: first, it effectively promotes the economic and trade exchanges and mutual integration of various regions, and improves the overall economic and industrial relevance of the region. Second, it has effectively promoted the integration of industrial resources in the region, and enhanced the scale effect and cluster effect of regional pillar industries and advantageous industries. Third, it can effectively resolve the vicious competition caused by industrial similarity and product similarity, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and promote the new development of enterprises by building a cross regional complete industrial chain

in terms of the current cross regional development of packaging enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, the first is to give full play to the exemplary role of the five major packaging production bases in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the region. Second, the whole industry should form a joint force, speed up the construction of the sub packaging center, build an aircraft carrier for the packaging industry, and make it a new economic growth point for the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country. The World Packaging Organization agreed to build an Asian packaging center in China, which provides a rare opportunity for the development of China's packaging industry

building the Asian packaging center into an international world packaging industry center integrating science and education, R & D, manufacturing, finance, trade, exhibition, information and services is of great significance to enhance the international image of China's packaging industry and achieve the goal of becoming a world packaging power. First, international resources can be fully utilized in the construction of "sub Contracting Center". Attract the member countries of the World Packaging Organization, the Asian packaging alliance and relevant international organizations to set up offices or headquarters in China. Second, it can integrate various advantageous elements of China's packaging industry and promote the optimization and upgrading of China's packaging industry structure. Third, it can lead the development trend of world packaging science and technology, attract the world's advanced packaging teaching and research to gather in the sub packaging center, realize the integration of science, industry and trade, industry, University and research, and constantly cultivate international packaging talents. Fourth, build a world advanced packaging manufacturing base. Introduce world-class well-known enterprises, large enterprises, large groups, domestic and foreign packaging leading enterprises, so as to change the current situation of many, small, scattered packaging enterprises, low production efficiency, low technical content and low management level in China

the characteristics of regional economy lie in combination and its advantages lie in the whole. Combination is its core and essence. In order to change the situation that the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta is large but not strong, rapidly expand and develop in the increasingly fierce market competition, and truly build into a strong packaging area, it is necessary to form a joint force, based on regional advantages, effectively integrate various resources, and take the road of industrial agglomeration. In the new round of competition, we will strive to focus on technical support, expand opening-up, increase investment, agglomeration development, brand strategy and other key points. The construction of Asian packaging center can provide an industrial agglomeration service platform that meets the requirements of this development for the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta

4. On accelerating the development of industrial circular economy and jointly building green packaging industry

circular economy is a new development concept and a new economic growth model widely respected and practiced by the modern international community. It is a new model of sustainable economic growth with the core of efficient utilization and recycling of resources, the principle of "reduction, reuse and recycling (recycling)" and the basic characteristics of low consumption, low emissions and high efficiency. Through the traditional statistical analysis of group patterns, economic growth directly depends on the consumption of resources and produces direct pollution to the environment. At one end, resources are invested in productive consumption, and at the other end, waste materials, slag, gas, water, heat and pollution factors are discharged at the same time of output. It is a linear growth model. The growth of circular economy is based on reducing investment and saving consumption, and vigorously recycling and reusing waste materials, slag, gas, water and heat in the chain of reproduction and operation. The harmful and useless substances in the previous round of production are changed into harmless and useful substances in the next round of production, presenting a kind of circular synthesis

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